Friday, December 18, 2009

I Probably Should not Tempt You but . . . Gymboree: 30% off Everything Plus I Used another 20% off Coupon!

Gymboree is having their "Fill-A-Bag" sale . To make this deal even better, you earn $25 Gymbucks for every $50 you spend!

Plus if you use this coupon code: (one lucky reader of mine) 11N16UMKL086642, you can get another 20% off your entire purchase. I received these coupons going to see Santa and I will not use it before December 24. This coupon can be only used one time, so you can try it when you check out to see if someone has used it or not yet. There are many Gymboree coupons out there right now and if this does not work just google Gymboree coupons and see what you find.

I spent $50.84 and got ($5 shipping on all purchases)
  • 3 long sleeve 2t top for Abigail. One in pink, green and white. They all are plain shirts but have bows on the top of the each shoulder. I got size 2t so she should be able to wear these tops next season as well.
  • 2 Valentines day shirts for Abigail and Jackson.
  • 1 Stretch brown pants for Abigail
  • 1 pack of bows... I am crazy about bows.
I got $25 worth of Gymbucks so in my mind I only spent $25 on all these seven items. I really enjoy shopping online! Since I have feet issues, I really do not have patience to go shopping too much, but if I can just sit and look at it online, I can see easily what I would like to buy. Gymboree is really a great store, and their clothes last for a long time! I also know that you can go to the store and give them the item numbers of the clothes you want, and then they can ship to that store with no cost.

I heard about this from $30 Weekly Grocery Challenge. Check her out here

What is your money saving tip for this week?

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