Thursday, August 12, 2010

Book of the Month: War of Words (Tripp)

We all know that we need to be constantly learning and growing, but especially if you are at home and have to listen to Barney a lot (Abigail's favorite).

I decided to find a book from Charlie's library this month, and this is one that I did not read in seminary for some reason.

Tripp states

"If your dream would crumble, if there were nothing left, would you rise in the midst of your tears and say, "I am full of joy because the Lord is my lord, the Lord is my life, the Lord is my strength, and gloriously, in the midst of all this loss and destruction, I have him"? You can pursue your dream, or you can pursue the Lord's dream for you, You can ask him to conform you to his image, so that more and more your life and your words would bring him praise. Or you can wish that Christ would conform to the scope and focus of your dream. Whose dream are you seeking"? (100).

and he goes on to say

"How does God produce long-term heart change in us? Or, as Paul says it, how does he "compel" us away from living for ourselves to living for him? Second Corinthians 5:11-21 clearly teaches that the thing that compels Paul---and us --- is the love of Christ. Ultimately, the thing that turns us is not just God's sovereignty, his holiness, his anger against sin, or his mighty power. It is the kindness of the Lord that leads people to repentance (114)."

Life-changing words here and I would highly recommend this book!

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