Thursday, August 05, 2010

Thursday's Tip: Overcoming Feeling Defeated

"He is in charge of it all, has the final word on everything . . . . No name and no power [are] exempt from his rule (Eph. 1:21-22)."

Last Sunday, Charlie challenged us to pray 10 minutes a day for one week (it has taken some getting used to with my husband being my pastor too...he is an unbelievable teacher and pastor).

As I was praying, I just cried out to God in my prayer that I just have felt so defeated in two areas of my life: finances and overeating.

So, after praying, God and His Spirit showed me some ways to overcome feeling defeated. Have a plan!

With finances there have been many expenses that have occurred that are out of our control - keeping up with two houses, Charlie having his gallbladder out and then those bills pouring in. But one thing I can control is how much we spend on groceries and out to eat and I really do not feel like we have been good stewards in this area at all. It takes some time to figure out how much it is going to cost to live in a new town as well as adjusting to a different type of pay schedule.

So here has been our challenge this last week and only by God's power and His provision have we been able to only spend $200 on groceries and out to eat.
  1. We got $200 in cash out for last week. Spent $50 at Ingels, $50 at Walmart, $20 at CVS, $15 church meal and had the rest left over. We went out to eat one time at Ham's where the kids ate for .99 (Monday night).
  2. No matter what, we eat at the table and try our best to cook on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday nights. Charlie enjoys cooking and I do not mind cleaning it up! I am planning out our meals one week in advance.
  3. During my Walmart trip I could not believe how I got 30 items for $50. I totally felt not defeated, I was a conqueror. Going out to eat is not a desire but for one time a week when I could get so many groceries for $20.
  4. I love having cash in my wallet and I have hardly had to use my debit card.
With overeating:
  • I write down everything I eat in my 3 month Weight Watchers journal.
  • I weigh in every Monday with Charlie for accountability. (trying to lose 2 pounds a week).
  • My goal is to have this 15-20 pounds (I am that much more heavier since my wedding day Jan 2004) off by next summer. I am going to join back Weight Watchers when I get 10 pounds away from my target weight and hopefully become a lifetime member of Weight Watchers.
  • There is nothing I can get at Zaxby's under 20 WW points, so I just do not get anything!
  • Just always trying to lose weight is frustrating, but giving myself a big goal and specific time limits has really helped my attitude!
What about you? Do you feel defeated with your fiances or overeating? What has helped you?

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Violet Moonbeam said...

Thank you so much for your post! It's very encouraging. And I am excited to find a Christian blog randomly! Also very encouraging! I'm definitely going to follow you! :D Thanks again for your words and best of luck with your plans! :)