Friday, August 20, 2010


It has been a crazy couple of weeks and the Lord has been teaching me a lot about faith!

Last week, a good friend at church almost died after child birth. They could not get her to stop bleeding (her uterus would not stop bleeding),and she lost all her blood (doctor told Charlie he only sees this once every five years). We prayed so hard for her! God's power and glory were shown through her and after probably hundreds of people prayed for her she took a turn for the better. Charlie could not believe what a turn she took in just a few hours.

This week, Charlie's mom went for her mammogram and they discovered a small lump and the test came back and she has been diagnosed with Stage 1 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.

Charlie writes: "The doctor told my mom that if she was going to get cancer, this would be the type to get. If caught early enough, it can be easily defeated. She is scheduled to have surgery to remove it next Friday at noon in Columbia. Continue to pray that the cancer will not or has not spread. She'll also likely have to have a couple of rounds of radiation after the surgery. We are praying for God's complete healing. Thank you for your prayers - they have worked and they mean a lot."

Both Charlie and his mom are very positive and know that God is in control and is going to work this out for her good and His glory.

Faith is a gift from God, so no man can boast. I often forget this. I think I have to do it all on my own, which is against God's plan for my life. He wants us to die to ourselves and depend on Him, and many hard situations cause us to do just that.

I am asking God to give me faith. Faith to believe that He is going to work all situations out for the best interest of that person. It might not be easy, but it is for our holiness, and for us to depend completely on Him. I am daily asking God for faith in all areas of my life.

Two areas I am always working on are glorifying God with my speech and with my eating. These two areas are hard because we have to speak and we have to eat. One reason I am not able to overcome overeating is because I do not pray to the Holy Spirit for supernatural help, and I do not have faith that God can really help me overcome this silly little thing: overeating.

I found a great website on overcoming sin:

"Unbelief also, is the root of much sin. If we really believed in God's goodness, wisdom and love, what motive would remain for not doing things God's way? These attitudes hurt the heart of God and often cause insensitivity to others as well, resulting in us saying and doing things that were better not said or done."

I am praying to the Holy Spirit, that he will be able to supernaturally help me overcome overeating, and not pleasing the Lord with my words. I am praying that the Holy Spirit will give me the gift of faith.

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