Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Heart Bows: Where You Can Get My Favorite Hair Bows

I loved bows even before I had a baby girl. Bows are on my everyday China. So, when I had a baby girl, for the first year of her life I do not think I went anywhere without putting a bow on her head. Someone at church even told me that they had never seen her without a bow...

Abigail's hair is pretty fine, so I am having a hard time getting it to stay back. Love to hear any advice you have on dealing with fine hair!

Anyway, when we were back in Columbia last week, I stopped by the store attached to Lola to get Abigail a few bows, and found that they were closed (the one in Lexington next to Mcalister's deli). They had my absolute favorite bows. They were ones that did not poof up too much.

So yesterday, I decide to call Lola because the lady I use to talk to about these bows told me that she got them from a company based in California. The lady I talked called back and said that the company is Weeones. I found them online and the kind I like is the mini grosgrain hair bow and the tiny ones for babies under one (they are $5 each). She also said that The Willow's gift shop in this same shopping center is planning on starting to carry them soon. Just thought if you like bows at all you would like this resource.

Where do you get your hair bows?

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