Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Pictures: Part 1

Abigail got Jessie for Christmas but somehow Jackson is managing to sleep with her at night...He told me that Woody and Jessie needed their picture taken in the above picture.
The above picture is of cousin Zach. We are so blessed that they are only a couple month apart in age.

Jackson loved the Toy Story 3 toy solider's he got from Mimi . I think all the kids enjoyed playing with them.

Daddy and Abigail having a tea party with the "fake" food Mimi got her for Christmas.

Charlie's uncle (mother's brother). Don't yall think they look alike?

This year we celebrated Christmas in Columbia (we went to Spartanburg on Christmas day because of the snow), and went to Rock Hill Christmas Eve to see all of Charlie's family. Jackson was very excited to see Santa there at Geemaw's house! Jackson was also so excited to open his presents Christmas morning and kept on saying, "I love it, I love it! (about his big Buzz Lightyear).

Jackson's favorite gifts were: his Buzz Lightyear (we gave him), the Toy Story 3 movie (Pop Pop's and Mimi gave him), and his leapster explorer (Grand and Gigi got him). Santa got him Toy Story 3 zippty game. We are so blessed!

What was your Preschooler's favorite toy that they got for Christmas?

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