Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snowed in All Week=Time to Get Organized!

I got sterilite containers at Walmart before we got snowed in which I am so thankful for!

What I did to clean out the junk drawer:
  1. Went through it all and put everything in piles, and threw away a lot.
  2. Organized everything into three main piles. Tools, writing stuff for the kids, and miscellaneous. I do still have one zip lock bag for a game we take to play at restaurants.
  3. After I dumped everything out, I did clean the draws really well.
Now, that I have all their "Preschool" worksheets organized, we were able to have "school" time two times this week while snowed in. The school lets me know ahead of time what they are working on, and this week they would have been working on the letter "X".

Do you have any suggestions on how to help Jackson write his letters on his own, beside worksheets, and a chalkboard?

Do you have any organizational tips for organizing your house? The sterilite containers were key for me being able to organize this drawer (the big ones were $3).


Merritt Pace said...

Hi! Suggestions for working on letters...

1) Squeeze a small amount of shaving cream on a cookie sheet. Have him write letters in the shaving cream.

2) Dump a small bag of dry rice into a cake pan. Have him write letters in the rice. (Colored sand from craft stores works great for this, too. I keep colored sand in Rubbermaid containers in my classroom.)

3) Make letters with pipe cleaners.

4) Roll out playdough into long "snakes." Use the snakes to form letters.

Let me know if you need more ideas. I hope that all is well with you, Charlie, Jackson, and Abigail.

Emily Wallace said...

Thanks so much Merritt! I will definitely be trying the playdough one and the pipe cleaner one this weekend. Jackson is now ready to write his letters, and I need all the tips I can get! With suggestions #2 would he just write letters with his finger into the rice or sand?

Thanks again. Miss you!