Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Abigail's 2 Year Old Stats

Weight: 27.8 pounds 50%
Height: Did not write it down but she is in the 50-75%

She went for her 2 year check up back in December, and the doctor said she looked great. She is above-average with her language and lots of other categories, and I do not take it for granted for one second! It is so nice having babies in the 50 percentile because they actually wear their age (2t). Jackson weighed 27 pounds at his 2 year check up, (here) and the strange thing is that they are always 10 pounds apart. Jackson weighs 38 pounds now...crazy!

She has the sweetest voice, and to me she gets prettier and prettier every day. Her favorite new phrase is "not again" (too cute). Today she wore panties for the first time and if it was summer time, I would have her potty trained! Every day, I am thankful for my precious Abigail. I love our one-on-one times where we snuggle in the bed. It is so nice that she will sit still for 30 minutes or so. Lastly, she is a great singer, but gets VERY shy when she is in front of people or I break out the video camera (unlike Jackson). One thing though I am praying for her is that she will learn how to not be so dramatic. Her cry is the same if she has hurt herself or if Jackson took a toy away from her (this is of course hard on mommy and daddy).

I am overwhelming thankful for my babies who are growing up so fast.

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