Sunday, January 02, 2011

A New Year, A New Resolution: Getting Organized!

This "junk drawer" sums it all up....

Before we moved I spent lots of time organizing and throwing out things. So, when we moved to this wonderful house we are renting, I was burned out of organizing and had a lot to unpack. This house is wonderful because we have so much storage space. We have a carport room, a big room in our backyard, and a huge attic. But, because of all this space, I do not have to be organized to make it all fit it. After it took us 2 weeks to find our Christmas ornaments, I am now very motivated to get back organized and would love to have your advice.

Here is the plan:
  • Everyday, only after I have had my Bible time, I set a timer and organize something for 15 minutes.
What I have done already:
  • Got my desks draws cleaned out and organized
  • Got all my clothes that I want to keep from my babies in the attic
  • Got all Christmas stuff in the attic
I am pretty much starting with the back of the house and going through the house. The big bears are going to be this junk drawer, and my coat closet, and our outside room. I have gotten are sterilite bins to organize this massive junk drawer (one container for batteries, one for tools, one for crayons).

Some good free resources:
Do you know of any good books on organizing your house or free resources?
Do you have any other advice on how to organize a big deep junk drawer?

Hopefully I will post once a week on how organizing is going and what has worked for me.

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