Sunday, March 11, 2007

Jackson's Schedule-6 months old

Jackson will be six months old tomorrow. We are not scheduled to go to the doctor till the beginning of April for his 6 month check up but since people have asked here is his schedule:

8am ish Eat 8 ozs, eat 1 tablespoon of cereal mix with 1 and 1/2 tablespoon of formula
Play till 10ish (usually in the exersaucer and in the pack and play---he just want to be were I am at)
10ish nap till we hope 11:30 or 12 but every other day he only will sleep 45 minutes here.
12 pm Eat 8ozs, eat his cereal again
Play till 1ish
1:15 Nap till we hope 2:30 or 3 but every other day only till 2ish. Try to hold him eating till 2:30 or 3
3ish Eat 8ozs. cereral again
Play till 5ish
One quick nap till 6ish.
Eat 6 ozs at 6 or 6:30
No more naps!
Eat like 2 ozs around 8 pm
9:15-9:45 go to sleep for the night

That is what his schedule is really like but ideally I would have him only take 2 1 1/2 hour naps--one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I should not complain because he has been sleeping through the night since 5 weeks old, but he has never been a regular napper. Ideally we are trying to get him to eat 8 am, 12pm, 4pm and then 8pm (a nap from 10-11:30 and another one at 2-3:30 or 4pm) I really do not think that will happen until he is eating a variety of foods (fruits and veggies) and a lot of them. He is still pretty hungry right now and eats 32 ozs a day. Wednesday will be 2 weeks since we have been giving him cereal regularly and he is finally swallowing it. He really loves the oatmeal cereal (it is great for constipation) and we had to go ahead and start solides because formula was not satisfying him.

I am working on the next depression post which will hopefully be posted at the beginning of this week!

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