Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What is the worst thing that could happen to you?

I do not know why I have been thinking about this recently, but I guess we all at some points in our lives ask, what is the worse thing possible that could happen to me here on this earth (especially if you are not an optimist, but more of a realist)? I really want you to think about that. I used to think maybe losing a loved one tragically, or having a chronic disease, etc. But in reality the suffering here on earth is only temporal in light of eternity. Therefore, I believe the worst thing that could happen to me here right now is for one of my immediate family members to die, and to know without a doubt that they did not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I know the Lord would help me get through it, but I just do not know how Christians who lose a family member that is not saved, make it day after day with that knowledge. Right now,
Jackson is the only one in my family who has not accepted Jesus as his Savior from his sins. Obviously, he cannot even make sentences yet, but one day sooner than I can even imagine he will. What would I give up here on earth to encourage Jackson to accept Christ as his Savior? I would give up everything. I would sleep out in a tent, I would wear the same outfit every day of my life, I would go without much food, I would give up all my “necessities” to bring him up in the admonition of the Lord. Has God ever not provided for me all that I need and more? This is just my new found conviction, and I want my readers to really think hard about eternity. All this suffering here is just temporary. If I have to suffer some here on earth so that my stubborn heart can have a better relationship with my Jesus - my wonderful Savior - it is worth it. Are we living a life looking for eternity? Or are we looking just at the here and now? Are we storing up treasures in heaven or treasures here on earth? After looking at all the great men and women of the Bible, it sure seems that the ones that were staying in God’s will, were the ones who did things they were the most uncomfortable with. They were the men and women who did not try to take everything into their control, but where the ones who waited on the Lord, and trusted Him even when it made no logical sense. What is God calling you today to do that makes no logical sense? Will God get all the praise and honor or will you? Will people see a miracle in your life or will they just see the hard work of a man or woman? Maybe we should think about what the worst thing that could happen to us after all. I know some things are out of our control, but do we really live a life the demonstrates that we believe that God is indeed in control and that His death was sufficient for all? Charlie would now say "preach" to me, which I guess is more of a inside joke. Anyway, that is enough of my "preaching" for now.


Caitlin P said...

Emily, thank you for that beautiful reminder of God's provision and that our temporary circumstances and struggles are nothing compared to eternity without Christ. I am so convicted in my German course because these are all immigrants mostly from third world countries who wear the same things everyday for months, and I am not exaggerating. I don't dress up for class, I dress down. I am embarrassed by how much I have, and yet, when I look around me I tend to get frustrated with the necessities that we just cannot afford. Yet, those necessities are constantly being provided by God. He is so good to us and I am thankful for your words.
In fact, last night I was thinking of my old aunt who is not a Christian and what if she dies tomorrow. Thank you for that reminder and conviction.

Emily Wallace said...

Thank you again. Thinking this way has been very life changing. God has greatly blessed you with the gift of encouragement, and I am so glad you are here on this blog to encourage me as well as the readers of this blog.