Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Update on Andrew-March 20th 2007

Andrew is now in a step-down unit instead of the ICU. He is still in a whole whole lot of pain. He's back to being hooked up to a heart monitor since his heart rate is still so very high. He has IVs in both arms again and is being fed through a vein. He has a NG (nasal gastric) tube in as well, that is keeping all of the stomach acids from traveling to the intestines so they can heal. All of this is just a reminder of a while ago when Andrew had these tubes, ivs, etc before. He had come so very far since then, so I know this is extremely hard for him. Mainly, the pain is just so much. It will be a while before his intestines heal up and are not inflamed anymore. For now, the doctors say, he is very sick. Please pray for his fast healing and for some alleviation for the pain. Pray for encouragement and peace throughout it all.

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