Sunday, March 04, 2007

Picture of the Week

Here is the only picture we have taken recently. This is him in his cute Walt Disney onesie that Grand and Gigi got him. He is into everything and really like eating cereal now. His legs are huge! He sat up for a while yesterday and can roll his way anywhere he want to be. He is so happy and a lot of fun. We even think he know understand the word "no." He will be 25 weeks tomorrow and he will be 6 months in 8 days! Wow time has flown by.


Princess Kayla said...

Haven't been in touch for a while... we have all been sick, now the baby :(
What's Jackson's schedule now?
Is he eating solids?
Callie Jones

Emily Wallace said...

I know, it is crazy, March is our busiest month this year (I think it is busier than even Decemeber) But that is a great question and I will be blogging about it very soon.