Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Beach Trip to Sea Island for My Dad's 60th Birthday!

Jackson kissing "KK"

Jackson loving "KK" before she had to leave
In 2004, the G8 Summit was held here at Sea Island, Ga in this room!
Here is Charlie sitting in President Bush's chair!

This is the best family picture we could get with Jackson being so active
Jackson playing in the baby pool
Here we are on the beach (Gigi got him this Georgia shirt and since USC beat Georgia last year, he was permitted to wear this shirt...haha!)

Jackson chilling out in our bed in the morning
"KK" and Jackson out by the pool

Last summer we had the fire so we did not get a vacation. I guess this year I was very appreciative of a vacation and we had the best time. I definitely went picture crazy. I think I took about 40 picture and some video. The weather was perfect every day! Be on the look out for some video of our trip.


Leah said...

Okay, so Jackson is VERY handsome in his UGA shirt! GO DAWGS!!

Emily Wallace said...

LOL! Thanks Leah!

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