Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jackson Slept Till 7 am This Morning for the First Time in 3 Weeks!

Woo Hoo! I could not believe it this morning when I heard Jackson for the first time it was 7 am! It was raining this morning and the workers were not working on the houses on our street so maybe that is what has been waking him up. Also, yesterday we did not get back from church till late and he did not go to bed till 9 pm after eating a good bit of food. I definitely wore him out yesterday going to the gym and church. Thanks for your prayers. If Jackson had been waking up early his whole life, this would not be a big deal. Just being unprepared for him waking up before 6 am, is hard to deal with. If I had known that he was going to wake up at 5:55 am for almost 3 weeks, I would have tried to be asleep by 9 pm. If you know me or Charlie at all you know that we need our sleep. Also, with me being pregnant, unfortunately, I seem to be getting more tired as the weeks go on. I went the doctor for my 12 week (I forgot that you go to the doctor every 4 weeks for a long while even though it seems like I just did this) visit this week and they said everything looks perfect. They were able to find the heartbeat quickly (unlike with Jackson) and it was a strong 160 again just like last time. What a blessing!

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