Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Anniversary of the Fire

Today marks the one year anniversary of our fire. It really seems like it happened 3 years ago since so much as happened in the last year. For the last two years this week in June has been some of the most difficult times I might ever have to face. June 6, 2006 my Mama passed away (my mom's mother). I had not gotten to see her that year because I was pregnant and finishing up my last semester of seminary. Needless to say I was very upset that I had not seen her in a long while, and that she would never get to meet my son here on earth. Being 6 months pregnant, I was an emotional wreck. This year I bought ice cream sandwiches in honor of her since she always would give me one at night. I think this will be a tradition from now on and my children will be sure to get ice cream sandwiches during this week while I tell them all about her love and grace that she gave to everyone.

Then last year on June 5th, was the night of our fire, and I night where I could have lost my son. I am not going to go into all the details again here but for details and pictures go to Charlie's blog:

Charlie writes:
"My wife and I have never looked back at that night and wondered, “Where was God? We lost so many items from his room and our house (there was soot damage throughout the entire house).”

Instead, we have always said, “Praise God. Praise him for his divine sovereignty over all things. Praise him for his mercy and grace and love. Praise him for him waking Jackson up and praise him for giving him a peaceful feeling about letting my son sleep with us that night. Praise him as not only the creator, but the preserver of life. Praise him to all the nations. Praise him because he does hold the entire world in his hands. Praise him that in his infinite plan he did not have to spare my son, me or my wife. Praise him that he still has a plan for our lives here on earth. Praise him for smoke alarms. Praise him for smoke alarms that work. Praise him for batteries. Praise him for family that let us stay with them Praise him for insurance. Praise him for church members that gave us much money to help us get through the losses. Praise him for Jesus. Praise Him for dying on a sinner’s death on a cross for our sins so that had we of perished in the fire, we would not have to go to the eternal fire which we all deserve. Praise him for firemen. Praise Him because He is God - the great I AM."

Thankful, that is what I am this year, just so thankful.


Mommy Reg said...

Praise God for His protection over you and your family! I am so thankful that God protected you guys so that our cyber paths could cross. Love you blogging friend!

Emily Wallace said...

Thanks so much Mommy Reg! It really means a lot to me. I am so glad that we have meet through the have always been so encouraging to me!