Monday, June 09, 2008

Top 5 Reasons I think We are Having A . . .


1. I now feel exactly the same way I did with Jackson. I am not nauseous at all, and I could eat all day long. The first trimester I did feel a little different than when I was pregnant with Jackson.
2. The circumstances of us getting pregnant are exactly the same as when we got pregnant with Jackson (you will have to ask me personally about that).
3. I no longer have an acne on my face
4. I am craving hot dogs again like I did with Jackson (gross).
5. Finally, the most convincing reason is that I did buy that intelligender test ( because it went on a mother's day sale. I am not the most patient person in the world, and I really want to move Jackson's clothes either in the next room or in the attic. My cousin's wife did have a friend who took this test and it ended up being wrong, and it is only 80% accurate with boy result. However, it turned green very quickly meaning boy. All I had to do was urinate in a cup first thing in the morning and then mix these chemicals/crystal looking things all together. Ah! If you had told me I was going to have two little boys when I grew up, I would have laughed very hard at you. I did want our first child to be a boy so he could be the protector of the other children, even though I grew up with just a sister and have no idea about boys. I also majored in women's ministry and had nothing but girlfriends growing up. But, we are real excited because Jackson will have an instant best friend and we will have so many cute clothes for this baby. We do want another child, but I think we will wait to try the next time till Jackson is in kindergarten. I do not go to get the big ultrasound test till July 21st, and if they say it is a girl I will probably not believe them! We are having a hard time with names. Right now the number one name is John (after my grandfather and great-grandfather) David Wallace, and call him John David. I love double names! Here is a picture of the test I took.

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