Thursday, February 12, 2009

EdVenture Children's Museum is Incredible!

This was our first trip to EdVenture, and I was so impressed. I guess when I think of a children museum I think it would be geared to elementary school age children. Boy, was I wrong! It had rooms and activities for all age children. Because Jackson's speech is at a 18 month old level, I forget that in most all other areas he is at a 2 and half year old. He knows all his color and shapes (he always points to the right ones). So I thought the museum might be over his head, but I was wrong. He had the best time! I almost did not get him out of the Snowville room. It had snow coming down, snow balls to throw, fishing with a fishing pole, a ski rider, and a slide. I think that is all his favorite things. Charlie did not get to go, but we are looking forward to going back and going all together. I love living in Columbia which this museum, and an amazing zoo.

My camera (Sony Cyber shots) took great pictures with this lighting and it has made up for all the bad pictures it took of Abigail. My sister and dad have a Canon camera and I think it might take better pictures.


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