Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Laundry, Laundry, and More Laundry

One of the few things that has been hard to get used to with having two babies, is that I am always doing laundry. I really need to do laundry about every day or every other day. I always have motivation to do the children's laundry when Abigail runs out of bibs. But, I have absolutely no motivation to wash Charlie and I's clothes...probably because it takes me so long. I usually do our laundry either Tuesday or Thursday and just do two or three big loads. Some days I would rather eat dirt than do laundry (I am more motivated I have found when I have gotten out of the house that day).

What do I do when I have no motivation to do something? The same thing I did in college and graduate school when I had no motivation to study. I make a game out of it, and time myself. I really can get obsessed with time management and so I want to know exactly how long it takes me to do a task. So, I have been using the timer we got at Belks for our wedding. It takes me 15 minutes to sort Jackson and Abigail's clothes on which ones need to be sprayed with Spray N Wash and to actually spray out their clothes. I now try to beat this time every time I wash their clothes. I usually do not do a task more than 30 minutes and after the 30 minutes is up I reward myself by blogging or shopping online.

Another good idea that I do sometimes is I try to memorize a Psalm while doing laundry or dishes.

Do you have a laundry system? If so, what is it?
Do you use Spray N Wash or Shout to get your stains out or another method?

Can you really make doing laundry fun?

How can we practically glorify God when we do housework?

Just some thoughts and I would love to hear from you.

I have an update on Jackson and will hopefully be blogging about it tomorrow (I have updated many people through facebook).


Anna said...

I enjoy listening to podcasts of good solid teaching while doing housework. It's a great time to just listen and have things coming in while you are busy trying to get things done.

Susan said...

Girl- I wish that I had a way to make it less horrible to do laundry. I, like you, do not really mind doing the boys stuff. Mine and Ashley's things pile up. He also helps. That is one thing that I would suggest...get charlie to start the clothes or fold...or just putting them in the dryer so you do not feel like it is all on you.

lindler5 said...

a friend suggested oxy spray to get out stains - the carpet cleaner version. i have been using it, but am still not great at getting my stains quickly.

laundry? fun? is that possible?

Charlie Wallace said...

Let me clarify something here...I would prefer to do my own laundry, thus eliminating my clothes from the entire load. However, sweet Emily says that I would not effectively spray out my stains so she'd rather do it...

I have offered many times to do my own laundry...I love you, Em!

Emily Wallace said...

Oh I definitely forgot to mention that Charlie always folds and hangs up his laundry perfectly and quickly. But, for some reason he does not really care about stains and so when he washes clothes many stains do not get out.

However,he is a great helper!