Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Video of Abigail 11 Weeks/Playing

It has been while since I posted anything because we have been so busy and sick. Charlie was only home for him to sleep for four straight days. He had fun Friday, upwards game, dad's night, normal Sunday (gone all day), Monday jury duty and Monday night evangelism conference. Sunday morning I woke up and felt terrible, I could not speak so I could not teach my 4th grade girls class...sad. I went back to the doctor and she said it was just severe allergies and I need some major sleep. Ha! Did not know when that was going to happen so my parents came to the rescue and come and helped me all day and most of the night on Monday. Yesterday, Jackson came down with a fever and a cough that sounds just like the croup. The croup is just a cold gone wrong but it was so bad last year he could not breath at all. Today we had to blow out Abigail's nose with saline and a blower for the first time, but I think she is going to be ok. Tomorrow we go to the ENT for another opinion about Jackson's frenulum at 12 pm. Please pray that we know exactly what to do with Jackson (my therapist thinks frenulum surgery is a must). I really do not know how this surgery could hurt him because even if it does not help with his speech it will help him have more movement with his tongue and be able to eat better.

Stay tuned for more posts soon I promise with pictures of Abigail, and an update on the doctor visit for Jackson and things that have helped him with his speech.

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