Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Jackson!

We have had a great birthday weekend. Last year we had a party at the house and so this year we decided to take a year off. Jackson did not ask for a birthday party, so we decided to have two family parties. On Friday, we had a family party with my side of the family and cousin Luke, Aunt Sandi, and Uncle Larry, Kelly, Gigi and Grand in Spartanburg (he got a bike from Grand and Gigi that he is very excited about). We also went to Monkey Joe's and Chucky Cheese. Today, on his actual birthday Charlie's side of the family came and so he go to blow out candles on a cake twice. He was so excited to see cousin Jake, cousin Zach, Aunt Lauren, Mimi, Pop Pop, and Geemaw. We are so blessed!

I am so thankful for God giving me such a special gift as Jackson. I can already see the Holy Spirit working in his life. The other day he told me that "we need to pray when the Spirit says pray." Now that is a line from one of the Cedarmont Kids Dvds, but he was really trying to explain it to me. Also, randomly he will tell me who we need to pray for (Mimi, Gigi, etc). I cannot wait to see what all God does through my baby boy, who will always be my little boy.

Lots more pictures to come this week!

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