Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday's Tip: Training a Preschooler

Pre-Kindergarten Class Goals (4 year olds)

Should be able to do by graduation:

Math Skills:
  • Acts out a problem with objects
  • Counts consecutively to 30 or above
  • Identifies and matches number sets to 10
  • Identifies 1st through 3rd positions
  • Orders objects by length and size
  • Creates an AB pattern
Not sure what creating a AB pattern is....

Language Arts skills I will try to post in a couple of weeks.

Jackson started Cubbies (AWANA) last night. We are so excited to have AWANA at our church. It just started last Sunday at our church and went great. We had 50 plus workers and kids. I would highly recommend sending your child to AWANA!

Our first verse is "God loves us....and sent His Son." We have been working on it all day and he can say it and is very excited to have it on his bathroom mirror.

Also, pray for us this week. This morning Jackson cut his pacificer. He has done pretty well all day, but at night time it is going to be hard for him. I slept with him the past weekend and when he could not find his pacifier he woke himself up until I could find it at 3 am. We have replaced it with Mickey that he has been chewing on (the one just like Luke's), but any other tips on getting rid of the pacifier, especially when you child is very attached, I would love to hear!


lindler5 said...

an AB pattern is:

circle - square - circle - square - circle...

what comes next?

(i think)

tell jackson that i'm proud of him for giving up the paci.

Merritt Pace said...

Ashley is correct! That is an AB pattern!!