Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday's Tip: Order WeightWatchers Magazine

Even if you do not "do" WeightWatchers, the magazine they put out every two months is very helpful. It has usually 50 great receipes and articles like, "Are you Really Hungry?" In this article, the author states you are often hungry just because it is "time" to eat, or you smell something that triggers the feeling of hungry, or you tend to eat in response to moods.

Click here to order the magazine for one free trial. Since I am a previous Weight Watchers member, I just got a code to get one year's worth for $9.75.

How have I been doing with overeating?

Bad! I have gained 5 pounds since I quit the gym (classes I want to go to are not offered at times I can go anymore). That is one reason I am eating, another might be because I turned 30 this month. But, the main reason is because I am a sinner. I see, I look, I take, just like Eve (that hit me hard this morning at Community Bible Study).

I was planning on joining WeightWatchers back at the beginning of the year for sure to try to become a lifetime member before next summer, but now I feel like I might need to join back now for some accountability.

I have been doing Jillian work outs, "Last Chance," and "Shred," on exercise tv on demand FREE with Time Warner Cable (so thankful for my facebook friends telling me about this!). I do them 2 or 3 times a week, but think I might need to be something more like every day to get me back on track. Love to hear what works for you!

Overall, I need to ask for wisdom from Jesus on how to overcome this sin of mine, like Charlie preached on Sunday. I also need to pray for the Holy Spirit to empower me, and finally for God to give me the precious gift of faith. Faith, that He can help me overcome this for His glory and my good.

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