Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jackson' Schedule 8 months old

8:15 or 9am Diaper Change Eats 6 oz and 2 tablespoon of cereal and lots of stage 2 Pears (Before that is spent unloading the dishwasher, making the coffee, cleaning and getting his bottle ready)

9:30ish watch the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the exersaucer while I finally get a shower (Before this he is crawling around under my careful eye)

10:30ish Nap till 12 ish, During this time I do my Bible Reading and computer time

12 pm Diaper Change then Jackson eats 6 ozs and usually lots of squash and pears

12:30ish I usually go to Curves and work out till 1:30 while Charlie is with Jackson

12pm-:3:30 or 4pm This is the hardest part of the day because I keep him awake and active during this time

2:30 or 3 pm Diaper Change then Eat 6 ozs and 2 tablespoon of cereal, fruits and veggies

4pm-5:30 or 6 Nap Joyous Time of the Day

6 pm Diaper Change, Eats 6 ozs

8 or 8:30 Diaper Change, Eats sometimes 8 or 9 ozs here

9:30 or 10 pm Bed for the Night!

Monday Nights-Wash Jackson cloths

Tuesdays –Wash our cloths, nights Weight Watchers meeting

Wednesday-Church at night

Thursday-softball at night

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