Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Update on the J-Man, 8 months old (35 weeks)

Well, he has been doing better obviously from the pictures, but he did have to have his third shot on Monday for his left ear infection. Apparently, it is the new trend to instead of giving stronger antibiotics if your little one still has an ear infection, they just give you a shot of antibiotics that last anywhere from 24-36 hours. It is strong and gets right to their little system fast. His left ear infection was bad enough to where our doctor knew he would need 2 shots, but was not sure about the third. We went in on a Monday and she said it was still red, so we could not give the shot to him, but we might be back at the doctor at the end of the week...after those little words we decided to go ahead and give him the shot. They also gave us some great ear drops and we can now give him motrin before he goes to bed because he is over 6 months old.

In the last few weeks we have been to the doctor:
April 27th-falling off the bed
April 30th-Double Ear infection
May 10th-still one ear infection
May 11th-second round of shots
May 14th-third round of shots

Praise: Our doctors are less than 1 mile away from us!
Praise: This is the first real time he has been sick

Please pray that he starts to sleep through the night again. He has woken up for the last three nights at 1 am and gone back to bed fine in our bed, but cried every time we laid him down in his crib. So last night he slept with us all night and it was terrible. He is such a violent sleeper and was starving at 6:30 am, so I have been going strong all day.


alyssa said...

Hey girl, I feel your pain! As I write this Asher is lying in bed with us too! He used to go down so easily in his own bed, and play a while before he feel asleep on his own. Not really sure what happened, but he starts to kick his legs and screa0 before I even lay hm down. One of these days he will remember what he is supposed to do!

Emily Wallace said...

Thank you for the encouragement. He did wake up last night at like 11 pm-I think it is just a habit now for him. He did go back to sleep, and we were determined for him to sleep in his crib, and he did from 12-8:30 am. I feel like a new woman after a glorious night of sleep. I also think he is going through a growth spurt. He was 18 02 last week, and Monday he was 18 11!