Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Controversial Topic: Are Vaccinations Really Safe?

Over on the Prayer of Hannah's blog they are discussing if vaccinations are really safe for our children. Can they cause autism? The information out there all seems to contradict each other if you ask me. All I know is that I felt uneasy when Jackson was nine months old and the doctors wanted to give Jackson four shots (which contain small amounts of viruses, etc) all at one time. Can a nine month old baby really handle that many shots at one time? Jackson ran a high fever after these shots and acted like he was very sick for a day. When we were growing up they had half of the amount of vaccinations and I do not think they would dream of giving a baby four shots at one time.

Do you allow your pediatrician to give your baby up to four or five shots at a time? Our new pediatrician, "Palmetto Pediatrics," has only given Jackson two vaccinations at a time in the short time we have been going to them. Have y'all educated yourselves about vaccinations and read any good books on the topic such as The Vaccine Book? Also, why do all we hear about is boys getting autism from these shots?

I would love to hear from you...I really feel uneducated on this topic!


Sallie said...

Our son is on the autism spectrum and I don't know exactly what cause vaccines had to further it, but I can tell you he had symptoms BEFORE he ever had vaccines. They may trigger something, but I do not believe they are necessarily the cause.

At some point, as a Christian, you have to realize that your children are on loan to you from God. Once you do that, then it is easier to turn them over completely to Him and pray His protection over them.

God bless,

alyssa said...

Hey! First, it was so good to see yall yesterday! Second, I had the same concerns about shots too. I talked to my pediatrican about it, and she said she never tells her parents to not vaccinate their children b/c she sees what happens when they don't get shots. She said, for example, that measles has come to Georgia and children have died from it b/c they weren't vaccinated. She said that vaccines have nothing to do with austism, and that doctors often times miss the signs when children are younger. She said that in her 22 years of experience she has never had any child have reactions from vaccinations. She also said that there have been studies done in Europe with children who have been vaccinated vs. those who have not been vaccinated and the rate of autistic children was higher among those who didn't get shots.
So, that's what I know on the subject. Hope it's helpful!

alyssa said...

I also wanted to let you know that I figured out what bishops are, and should have known when you mentioned it. Bishops are the traditional style smocked dress...puff sleeves, long hem, etc. So, that answers that question!

Emily Wallace said...

Ladies, thank you so much for the information! Reading the other blog just made me realize how uneducated I am on the topic. Now with having another baby, I just am glad to know the facts....yall have made me feel so much better!

We had such a good time seeing yall. Asher is hilarious! It was so fun to see his sweet personality. I wish we could have gotten a good picture of all four of is a good picture of Asher...haha.

It is so funny that you say that about bishops...I looked it up last night and saw that there were smock dresses and I wanted everyone that I saw online (haha, not to mention they are like $50 each). I have got to pray for self control with buying clothes for Abigail!