Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jackson Got to Particapte in VBS

Our preschool coordinator was so great to move a couple of the older 1's (whose parents were working VBS) to the 2 year old room so they could learn some of the material. Jackson also got to go outside for the first time and play with the wheel toys which he loved. However, he got pretty tired and even feel asleep on some of the adults' laps some days (he is not used to 4 hours of activity time in the morning). Everyday, they sent home material he learned and one day they had a great song that yall can teach your toddler.

Here is the song:

Thank You, God, for Jesus

Sing the words below to the tune "Are You Sleeping?"

Here the good news; Here the good news:
Jesus was born; Jesus was born.
Thank You God, for Jesus; Thank You, God, for Jesus.
Thank You, God; Thank You, God.

Overall, VBS went better than we could ever have imagined it going. We had so many great teachers and God gets all the glory. I think Charlie said there were definitely 30 decisions made for Christ..that is amazing.

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