Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy 5th Anniversary To the Love of My Life!

Top 5 Things I love about you

  1. How you really put me second next to your relationship with Christ in your actions
  2. How you are always learning and growing
  3. How great you are with our babies
  4. How great you are with children and seeing you help lead children to Christ this past year
  5. How you are such a great teacher to children and their parents and to me

Top 5 Best Memories of Last Year

  1. When we found out we were pregnant and you were holding the stick in the bathroom very close to your face (in March)
  2. When you surprising me with flowers last year one day
  3. Watching you help lead many children to Christ at VBS
  4. You doing a great job the day Abigail was born and really encouraging me through delivering her. You helped me so much that day. God has given us so many blessings!
  5. You holding both our babies one night before Jackson had to go to bed. You are such a great and loving father.

Top 5 Memories of the Last Five Years

  1. Our wedding day. Was the best day of my life next to me accepting Christ when I was 10 years old
  2. You growing and learning so much in seminary. God has given you such a great gift in teaching
  3. You preaching for the first time at your grandmother’s church.
  4. The first time both of our babies smiled at you.
  5. Our getaways to the Hickory Grove Baptist Church where we were able to learn and grow together in our walk with the Lord and with each other

I am so thankful to have such a patient husband. I know God put us together to be each other helpers from the first moment we met. I cannot wait for the next five years. Thank you for loving me with all your heart, mind, and soul.

Love Forever

Emily (2009)

*Tonight we were able to drop the babies off at Charlie's parents house while we had a nice dinner at the Olive Garden on the Northeast side of town. The we went to Sandhills and did a little shopping and Charlie got me pearl earrings (I lost mine) at Belks for our anniversary and for me giving birth to Abigail. I hope to give these pearl earings to Abigail one day. What a special gift!

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Anna said...

What a great post! As a single person, I am always encouraged by yours and Charlie's marriage. I love that y'all are so real. Beautiful picture.