Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It Has Been a Hard Week: Prayers Appreciated

Well, it started last Friday night when we got back late from Family Fun night at the church and Jackson cried uncontrollably for like 45 minutes. He did not get to bed that night till 10:15...ah! Then Saturday I started to feel terrible (with feminine issues) and I actually had a hard time standing for long periods of time. So, we stayed home Sunday from church. I started to feel much better yesterday and then Jackson was just walking around fussing all day long (with no pacifier in his mouth). I went to change his diaper and noticed he felt warm and sure enough he had a temperature of 100. I was almost relieved because he regressed in speech therapy on Tuesday (he was so quiet!) and I was really depressed about it yesterday before I knew he had a temperature. Last week, he hardly signed at all and tried to say many words and repeated sounds we made. The therapist thought last week that he was crossing the bridge from signing to speaking. But this week he only said a few words...sad. Continue to pray that he will just click with him one day Last week, I really felt hopefully about his speech, but this week I am not feeling hopeful at all. I will be writing a post in the near future on what to do if you child has speech delay.

So today we wake up and Jackson still has a fever of 99.5 and I decided to go ahead and take him to the doctor since we do have a 6 week old baby. She said his throat had some blisters and was red and it was a throat virus. Unfortunately, he is very contiguous and there is nothing we can really do beside wash our hands all the day and spray Lysol. Please pray that Abigail does not get this virus! I know children get sick, but if she gets sick, she is so young she might have to be hospitalized which is so scary. Does anyone have anymore recommendations on how to keep Abigail from getting this virus?

Charlie has church tonight and so I will be by myself with them, so pray for me. Jackson feels terrible and sometimes cries uncontrollably and it makes it hard for me to hold him while I am feeding Abigail. I did find a trick last week. Abigail loves her swing that the Crowsons are letting us borrow. So I can put her in his swing in her room, close the door, turn the baby monitor on, and deal with Jackson...what a blessing! Also, another blessing is that we have not had to feed Abigail in the middle of the night for almost 2 weeks now. She does wake up about every other night around 3 or 5 am but we can usually get her to go back to sleep by either putting her in the bed with us or giving her pacifier to her. So, until she can sleep 3 nights in a row without waking up, I am not putting her in her crib. She is still in the top part of the pack in play (that has a mattress) in our room because it is so much easier (some nights I do not even remember giving her pacifier to her). One night her daddy put her in her crib and she did sleep from 12 am to 5 am. She is eating about 28 ozs a day and I think that is why she can sleep so long and we are still swaddling her although one night she slept on her stomach which was an accident. Some days Abigail only cries like 15 minutes for the entire day and I usually know why she is crying. That is amazing and I am so thankful. Jackson cried about 2 hours every day when he was her age and then when he got to be about 4 months old he just stopped crying and became the happiest baby.

I hope to post about couponing and more topics soon after this virus is gone. Enjoy the pictures. Abigail is so alert and seems to be taking it all in (she also smiles a good bit, but I cannot get a good picture of it...sad). She is living up to what her name means..."father's joy."


Mommy Reg said...

The best thing to do to keep her healthy, is to have Jackson keep his distance, and of course wash hands all the time. But what trumps that, is prayer. Pray tons that she will not get it.
With Jackson, don't worry about his speech right now. He is probably not talking at all or signing because he is sick. If his throat hurts, he will not talk. Signing takes effort and energy, his body is using all its energy to fight the virus. Also, remember that he is only two. I have only had one 2 year old who talked a lot and it was my oldest daughter. Boys talk considerably less than girls. If he is learning a new skill, he will stop doing something else he knows and work on the new skill. For my son, it was talking. (The very little he did. He had some serious speech delays too. And we did speech therapy from the time he was 4 until he was 6. We should have started a bit sooner but didn't have the resources to do that.) Be encouraged today. :)

amjackson said...

So sorry you've had a bad week. I'll keep you guys in my prayers. It's tough with two but sometimes you just gotta laugh at the situations your in!! Price once had me covered in throw up as Owen was screaming his head off to be fed.....Who do you take care of first???? Motherhood really isn't for sissys!! :)

Misty said...

Sweet Precious Emily, Please do not be discouraged. Many Many Many children have speech delays (if they didn't I wouldn't have a job). Most (about 90% of the children that I have treated in the last 10 years have been boys. I just want to tell you that it will click. I am currently seeing a little boy that I have been seeing for the last 18 months. It is finally starting to click with him. In the last week he has begun using 3-5 word sentences spontanously. He just began to imitate sounds and words about 6 months ago. Then I have some that I go in and in 3 months I have to discharge because they no longer qualify. Every child is different. You are totally doing the right thing by limiting the use of the passy. I would suggest that you choose a theme for the week to work on increasing his vocabulary. I have a family that I just recently suggested this to and the child is really benefiting. Repetition is essential in learning new words. I recommended that they begin with items such as animals and food. I suggested that they go to the library each week and get books on the topic and read them over and over. I love books with real pictures that label objects. I also suggested that they play with toy animals. Wash the animals in water. Dry the animals, feed the animals pretend food, color animals, and etc. You can do the same kind of things with food. The other thing that I have found to be very helpful is making a language book. Get a three ring binder and clear plastic sheet covers and make a book with pictures of all of the thing that Jackson likes ( his favorite toys, foods, drinks, cups, animals, and his family members. You can add to it over time. I hope this is helpful, and if you ever have any questions please call me. Please don't get discouraged you are doing a great job.

Emily Wallace said...

I am so blessed to have yalls support through friends online! Misty thank you so much for your advice. It was so helpful!