Monday, January 05, 2009

Our Schedule with Two Babies

Our Schedule Right Now (I am sure it will change...maybe even change next week)

Around 7 am feed Abigail
8 am, Open the door for Jackson turn on his dvd get him nutrigrain cereal bar and bowl of dry cereal with his juice
8:30 am If it was a hard night or if I did the middle of the night feeding I go back and lay back down with Abigail till about 9:45 am while Jackson watches his shows and then he comes and lay down with me in the bed. No matter what this is rest time for mommy right now
10 am-11:30 am Feed Abigail again, do educational activities with Jackson. Usually consists of: signing time dvd’s, reading books to him, review signs, working on his speech, and working on learning his ABC's and 123's
10:30 am Snack time for Jackson (after this I try to get a shower by putting Abigail in her crib and I have the monitor on in the shower…but some days this does not happen)
12 pm Lunch time for Jackson (grilled cheese usually)
12:30-2 pm We try our best to have fun activities to do like going outside to play, and playing with his toys inside. I am trying to alternate playing with his toys (thanks to the advice of one of the best blogs I have seen: and Mondays we try to play with blocks and car, Tuesdays we are going to try to play with bubbles, Wednesdays puzzles, Thursday animals, and Fridays coloring)
1 pm Feed Abigail
2 pm-4 pm Try my best to get them both down for a nap. This has worked out a lot…what I blessing!
4 pm Feed Abigail, Jackson has a snack
5:30 or 6 pm Dinner for us three
7 pm Abigail eats, Jackson plays with daddy
8 pm Bath time for Jackson practice Abc’s using bath letters
8:45 pm Bed time for Jackson and Family devotion
10 pm Abigail eats
11:30 or 12 pm Abigail goes down for the night. She loves to be awake till about midnight or so right now. Some days I do not give her a bath till 11 pm which is crazy but will not last long.
3:30 am or 4 am Abigail usually wakes up to eat as long it is not a Saturday night or a Tuesday night Charlie and I will take turn with this feeding and then the other person gets to sleep through the 6:30 or 7 am feeding. He is such a great husband!

Wow, no wonder I am exhausted!

The key is to not feed your baby but every 2 and half hours from the start of the last feeding. If you let your baby eat sooner than that then they will be snacking all day and never get full and in turn will be miserable. I am very laid back about this schedule and every day she gets off of it and I just try to push her 15 minutes further each feeding to get back to this schedule. If she gets used to eating around the same time every day she will be happier Also, it is good to try to give them 30 minutes to eat.

I wrote that schedule out last week and for the last three nights Abigail has woken up and I have put her in the bed with us and then back in the pack in play and she has proceeded to sleep till 5 am! Then she will not eat again till like 9ish, so she is dropping a feeding but eating 5 or 6 ozs some feedings to make up for it. We have Abigail on the top part of the pack in play in our room because it is just easier when she wakes up all through the night. We have a mattress for the pack in that will go on the top part of the pack in play (the basinet part) that we bought when we had the fire.

How do I get her to sleep for so long?

• Breastfeeding is best but doctors will tell you that babies digest breast milk a lot faster than formula. Therefore, if I was breastfeeding I would probably supplement her with a bottle for the night feeding to help her go longer between feedings at night. I think since she is bottle fed she can go longer between feedings
• She is swaddled in kiddopotamus swaddle me blanket
• We got a sleep positioner that one of my friends told me about…it helps them feel like they are being held

Does anyone have any more suggestions on how to get a baby to sleep for more than a couple hours straight?


This year I am going back to reading MacArther Daily Bible in my reading the Bible through in a year. It is not to late to start! I somehow did read the Bible chronically through last year although December was a blur.

What about you? What are some of your spiritual attainable goals for this year?

I will hopefully be writing about some more issues that we are going through in the next couple of days.

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