Monday, August 03, 2009

It's Time to Sign Up for the Tot Trade!

Today I signed up for the Tot Trade for the first time. I am so excited about selling some of our baby clothes!

Go here to Register:

They say you cannot register yet, but I did!

Space is limited so I would go ahead and register now.

I would recommend selling most clothes for $3. I am not sure if I want to check the box mark down or donate. What do yall think? Also do I need special paper for printing the tags? Love to hear your advice on the Tot Trade from moms who have sold items in the past!

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Merritt Pace said...

Hi, Emily! I have consigned with Tot Trade several times. It is a great way to clean out and to make some extra money. I would recommend pricing your clothing low, because they sell better that way. People just will not pay high prices! You must use cardstock to print the tags; paper tears too easily. When I have consigned, I have donated and included my things in the sale days. Many people come back on the sale days to buy what is left, so you may sell your stuff at the end. I have always donated things that don't sell. Kelly Graybill (who runs the sale) has such wonderful stories about people she has donated things to through her sale. Young children who never had a bicycle or Halloween costume before. A single mom who cannot afford baby clothes. Children who lost everything they owned in a fire. Good luck, and happy tagging!