Monday, August 10, 2009

Jackson's Favorites

  • Books: Peek A Zoo, Baby's First Bible, Good Night Moon, Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do you See, Dora's Egg Hunt, Read-Aloud Bible Stories Volume 1 (my favorite book)
  • DVD's: He LOVES dvd's. He likes Dora, Mickey, Little Einsteins, Wonder Pets, Oso, etc., he likes most educational dvd as well like Brainy Baby and Brainy Baby ABC's which help him talk. He really enjoys all Cedarmont Kids dvd and I like them too. They have kids singing songs (mainly Christian songs) and he likes to sing with them (he really likes to do the hand motions...I wish they did more hand motions in these dvds). He still likes Signing Time and still likes to sign some (but he always says the words that he is signing).
  • Toys: He likes cars, trains, Doctor Elmo, The Farmer Says See N' Say, balls, balls and more balls (we can't wait for tee ball!)
  • Favortie thing to do: JUMP (especially on the couch, bed, etc), play with balls, or he just loves to be outside!
  • Favortie thing to talk about: Abigail! Baby crawl, baby sleep, baby goes night night, baby's bottle. If Abigail was not here, I do not know what he would say all day. He loves her so much!
  • Major Praise is that he is saying little sentences all day long. I cannot believe how much progress he has made in the last month. He is so proud that he can talk and that he can successfully go potty. He is almost 100 percent trained! He daily sings his ABC's and counted to 20 today by himself! He knows all his letter when you put a random letter in front of him. His therapist cannot believe all the progress he has made in this last month. God gets all the glory! He has graciously answered our prayers. I am so appreciative of every time Jackson says something over and over again until I say it. It does not bother me it all. I will sing ABC's all day long and love every minute of it. Looking back at the beginning of the year, it seemed like he would never ever be able to talk. His short frenulum did not grown with him from 15 months old to 2 and half years old. Now that his is not tongue tied anymore, we are just making up for that critical year that was lost but fortuntaly Jackson will be 3 years old the entire year that he is in a 2 year old class. God is so good!

What is your little one (2-4 year old) favorite book, toy, or dvd. I always love to hear what other little ones like especially since Jackson has a birthday coming up soon!


Merritt Pace said...

Cute picture of Jackson, Emily! Hope that all is well with you guys! Sam absolutely LOVES Legos right now, especially the pirate and knight ones. They are great for building fine motor skills that children need when they are ready to write. Have a super week!


alyssa said...

Asher loves Skippy John Jones books and loves, loves, loves toy animals. More specifically the ones that you can buy from Target. They are made by Schleich, and they are in the toy section in individual bins(for lack of a better description). Ash's favs are the white tiger and the jaguar...we take them EVERYwhere! But they make, like, every other animal under the sun as well.
Oh, and DVDs...there really are so many to choose from...he loves Bolt and Cars...and b/c he loves animals, he really loves Disney's Aristocats.

Emily Wallace said...

Thank yall so much!