Friday, August 28, 2009

Which Picture Do You Like Best?

Today we went back to Portrait Innovations out at Sandhills. I really like this studio because they give you so many sheets for a good price. We normally get pictures taken Christmas, and Easter, but since Abigail is a baby and changing so much I wanted to get them taken again since it has almost been 4 months since our last photo shoot. We got a lot of good ones of Abigail, but Jackson was having a hard day and stomach issues so we did not get many good ones of him.

Which picture is your favorite? I am trying to decide which ones to give to family members first.


Peekaboos and Baby Coo's said...

I love the last one but they are all cute!

amjackson said...

I like the last one!! It's my fav!! :) But the pics are precious!!