Monday, August 17, 2009

Picture Monday

The above picture is of Mimi, Zach, and Abigail celebrated Lauren's birthday at California Dreaming. Zach and Abigail are exactly 2 months apart in age. Below is Abigail eating her first cracker. She wants to eat whatever her brother is eating. Jackson is obssessed with the Doddlebops again and I only have one DVD of it. All day long he says "Doddlebops as well as "daddy at church work (for) Jesus."It is so great to finally know what is on his mind all day long.
Here is Sandi and Rylie at my cousin Mitch's reception

In other exciting news in the Wallace household, Jackson is signed up for SOAR soccer this year. His first practice is August 31st and his first game is on his birthday. We got him signed up real late and then somehow Charlie is now the head coach (he is excited). We are excited to have an outlet to get some of Jackson's energy out. SOAR soccer will be over at the end of October so works out good for us.

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