Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday's Tip: Kroger's Mega Event This Week!

This Thursday or Friday I plan on going to Kroger since they are having their Mega Event this week. You get $5 off instantly when you buy 10 certain products. I plan on buying five cinnamon roles, and using one of my coupons I have for it and buying five boxes of General Mills Cereal. I have one coupon that Kroger sent me for a free box of cereal so I will be getting good deals (they keep up with what I buy there through the Kroger Plus Card). I will buy their generic 12 pack drinks for us as well. They are good and on sale for $1.99 a pack this week.

Go see Money Saving Mom's post on this here.

I plan on making a CVS trip and using my $4 off buying $20 worth of products. They have Pepsi sale and Toilet Paper Sale that will add up to $20.

I will also have to probably make a Walmart trip to get a few items that are always the cheapest there.

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