Monday, November 02, 2009

Fall Festival / Halloween 2009

Towards the end of the Fall Festival.
Cow riding a horse. Ha!
We are so proud of Jackson. He was very brave to ride the pony (last year not so brave).
Cow milking a cow.
My baby girl's first Halloween. This is the same costume that cousin Jake had for his first Halloween costume and it was also Jackson's costume one year. We have gotten good use out of is such a cute costume.
Charlie and his sister Lauren. It is so wonderful that are babies are so close it age. We all have a great time when we get together.
Jackson was so excited to trick or treat this year. We watched Little Einsteins "Happy Halloween" all week, and every day he would ask if we were going trick or tricking today with cousin Jake.

This is her normal position in the stroller. Laid back...especially during soccer games.
Jackson and cousin Jake. Jackson copied whatever Jake did that night. He had so much fun!

Halloween Day: We had a great time trick or treating with Charlie's sister and her babies. Jackson was so excited. My thought is that trick or treating can be a great way to get out into the community, meet people, and reach people. Next year, we are going to tape a card on the candy inviting kids to First Baptist. We just had trick or treaters at our door from 7-8 pm.

Fall Festival: The Fall Festival was yesterday and it was incredible! This year they had a Fall Festival Committee and they worked so hard. They had a talent show (which was one of my favorites), a tumble bus, rides, pictures, entrainment, food, prizes, cake walk, etc. They also had a schedule posted which was very helpful. It was perfectly planned, and Charlie counted last night when he got home that over 700 people registered (many visitors). It was a wonderful outreach event.

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