Monday, November 16, 2009

Picture Monday: KK is in our "Family"

Jackson is really starting to understand what having an extended family is all about (aunts, uncles, etc). He was so excited to see Aunt KK (my sister Kelly). He kept saying, "KK is in our family." We also have this family puzzle that has helped him also understand that Kelly is his aunt. We had a great visit with her this weekend, and I was so thankful she was able to keep Abigail while we went to the GI doctor with Jackson.

Jackson is doing so well talking right now and is really started to say sentence all day long. We are having some discipline issues with Jackson (more on that later), but I am so thankful on how he talks in 4 or 5 word sentences all day long, it is hard to be too frustrated with Jackson right now because I just thank God for loosening his tongue all day (he has great tongue movement which is such a huge answer to our prayers).


SMR said...

Emily, are you finding that the threes are harder than the twos. Good golly we are, and our pediatrician said that was totally normal. Ah, why don't people tell you these things! So glad to hear that he is talking more. I know yall are very thankful. Next time we are in town, I will give yall a call!

alyssa said...

oops, sorry i was signed in under sammy's name!

Emily Wallace said...

Yes Girl. We are having a harder time with disciplining him now that he is 3 years old. It is usually when we are in public that he does something that can hurt himself or others and then has to get a spanking. He knows he will get a spanking, but he does it anyway. At home, he knows his boundaries and really is not that disobedient. I think I will blog about it today. Let me know what works for Asher!