Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday's Tip: We Finally Met Our $150 Weekly Budget for Out to Eat Food and Groceries

I am so excited that we finally meet our $150 budget for both groceries and out to eat food. We went to Charleston last week so our out to eat budget was a lot!

$94.51 spent on out to eat food
$45.20 at Walmart---I think that is a record.

How did I only spend $45.20 at Walmart? It was just really luck. All I really had to buy was formula, nursery water, blueberry muffins, roles, etc. I had stocked up the week before and just did not run out of hardly anything this week. Last night, Jackson and I went to Walmart and I knew I was very close to meeting my goal so I hardly bought anything. I will have to go back Thursday for a big trip.

So, here are my three money saving tips for the week (since meeting my budget was just luck).

  1. Get your coupons organized! I like the Hannah Hansen organizer, but she might not be taking any more orders right now. However, I saw some on ebay. And of course, order the paper for at least the weekend for the coupons. It is worth it!
  2. Know by heart how much items costs that you buy every week. I use to write these items down and keep them in my planner, but I think I actually have most of them memorized now after almost two years of couponing.
  3. Target has some great deals this week. They sent me some coupons for their generic brands. I am switching Abigail soon to their formula. Click here to see money saving mom's post.
* Also $30 Weekly Grocery Challenge has a good post on Menu Planning here. Click here to see the recipe for Crockpot Chicken Soup.

What is your money saving tip for the week?


lindler5 said...

i saw someone at the library organizing coupons in a 3-ring binder. the coupons were held in baseball card sleeves. that cool idea made even me want to coupon.

Lisa said...

The person with the 3 ring binder is someone who has visited reapingyourharvest.wordpress.com!! It is awesome!! I have saved hundreds and haven't spent more than $50 a week in groceries!! You buy all of your groceries at Publix and save soooo much money!! My refrig. and cabinets are stocked and we have never eaten so well BUT I am spending close to nothing!!!! Check it out!!!!!