Saturday, March 06, 2010

In 7 Weeks, I have Lost ...

8.8 pounds at Weight Watchers! I have now met my first weight target of 8 pounds (5% of my weight).

Last week, I lost, 2.8 pounds, which was very exciting! My parents started trying it out on Monday so that helped out tremendously (I have not been to my work out classes at all this week either).

I highly recommend Weight Watchers (I have heard online is good as well). The 3 month journal is the most helpful tool, along with the points calculator. When I started Weight Watchers I was 8 pounds overweight (which makes a big difference for shorter people), and right now I am still 10 pound away from my ultimate weight. When I joined Weight Watchers, I was just sick of eating terribly. Weight Watchers is really the only weight loss plan I know of that you can actually go out to eat and not feel bad about your eating choices. As of now, I pay $11 a week since we are in transition, but they have good 3 months passes that are better deals for the long haul.

Just to motivate you even more, here is how you figure out how many points you can have in a day:

1. What do you weight? Enter the first two digits of your weight in pounds for example, if you weigh 175 (WW book says), enter 17.

2. Are you: female?.....2. males you get 8 points here

3. How old are you:

17-26-you get 4 points
27-37- you get 3 points
38-47 you get 2 points
48-58 you get 1 points
over 58-you get 0 points

4. How tall are you

Under 5"1..................0 points
5"1-5"10......................1 points
Over 5 "10....................2 points

5. Do you spend most of the day

Sitting down.................0 points
Occasionally sitting, but mainly standing................2 points (MOMS)

6. Nursing Moms?

solely breastfeeding.......10 points
Supplementing breastfeeding with some solid foods are formula..............5 Points

(I have also talked to a leader that said if you are pregnant you can still write your points down and act like you are solely breastfeeding as far as points go).

What I ate on Friday and had a perfect points day (going to Fuddruckers and all!)

Fiber One Chocolate Bar....2 points

Fiber One yogurt....0 points

Red velvet cake Weight Watchers bar *you can only get at Weight Watchers meeting 1 point

Chicken salad sandwhich.....Light Bread 1 point, chicken salad from Garners 2 points
Bag of chips......3 points

Grapes not a half cup so....0 points

Fuddruckers 1/3 Cheeseburger with no mayo......9 points (looked up online and everything!)

Weight Watchers Brownie (find in the store) 2 points

Total 20 points

I also discovered this week with my parents that Ruby Tuesday Crab Cakes are only 6 points. Also, Weight Watchers chocolate chip cookies are great and they are only 1 point in the bread section (Thanks Sandi!). The key, I believe, is planning out what you are going to eat.

Have any other advice on good low point food choices, I would love to hear from you!


alyssa said...

Congrats to you! I did WW after Asher was born and I lost 18 lbs in 6 weeks! I think I lost so much weight b/c I was nursing. I have been thinking about joining again, and I think your story might just be what I need to get motivated!

Emily Wallace said...

Thanks girl!

Glad I can give motivation. Let me know how it goes and any foods you enjoy with low points!