Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Thursday's Tip: Recommendations for Three Year Olds

For School:

The Book for March that they are doing every week at his school is, Big Red Barn (Brown).

A game they work on is Hi Ho Cherry-O. We got to this game recently to work on at home.

Also got worksheets entitled Preschool Scholar at Walmart. He is doing so great circling object, but is still have a hard time writing letters. He wants to write out his name so badly, and he gets easily frustrated that he cannot do it, so I did also get him Scribble and Write by Leap Frog. I really would not be pushing him to do this at all, but he loves to go through worksheets and really has a strong desire to write at least the letter J.

I would love to hear any advice on how I can help him draw letters!

He is doing great though on knowing what letter most words start with. He got 10 in a row the other day in a workbook, and I got all emotional thinking about how far he is has come. God gets all the glory!

For Spiritual Life:

Ordered Day By Day: One Year Devotional For Young Children by Betty Free (Ashley J recommended).

Update on Us:

  • We are doing great, just extremely busy! I am in Columbia for Jackson's speech that he has on Thursday morning for just one night (Wednesday night). I think someone is going to look at the house on Saturday, so keep praying!
  • Our first day at David Baptist was great. Everyone was so welcoming. I think it was surreal for Charlie and I that he is the pastor of this wonderful church!
  • Jackson loved his class and his teacher. He learning a Bible Verse (Do not be afraid Acts 27), and then she made an phenomenal craft with a toilet paper role and had the Bible verse taped on it and they made it into a door handle. Anytime I see a great craft for little ones, I am blown away because I have a hard time with arts & crafts. He is doing really well with all the changes which is a huge answer to prayer, but he is not sleeping a whole lot. It seems like every night we have been in Spartanburg he has not really gotten down till 11:00 at night. This of course is making us more tired, so please pray that he starts sleeping more!
Thanks again for all your prayers!

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