Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday's Word: Heaven at Home

Establishing and Enjoying a Peaceful Home

by Ginger Plowman is my new book I am reading this month. I am still doing pretty good considering all what we have going on, reading 15 pages a day of a Christian book, Monday-Friday.

I really enjoyed Plowman's book, Don't Make Me Count To Three, and I wanted to read another book that she had written about parenting. However, this book is about being a beautiful bride of Christ, a great wife, and mom, which is great to read about as well!

I have only gotten through the first chapter, and but I cannot wait to read the rest!

She writes,

"You see, establishing and enjoying a peaceful home is for God's glory. A Christ-centered home does result in a more productive, more fulfilling life, but only because it is first focused on Christ. It is a way to fulfill the very purpose for which we were created---to worship God in all we do (15)."

How do we worship God in all that we do?

By speaking kindly to our husband and children.

How else can we as women, as wives, as mothers worship Him in all that we do? Love to hear your thoughts!

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