Thursday, March 18, 2010

Which Easter Picture Do You Like Best?

Let me know what your favorite pictures are (Pictures taken by Portrait Innovations).

It has been a crazy week. I came to Columbia Tuesday for Tot trade and for Abigail's frenulum myself Tuesday and Wednesday night.

We had a long ordeal with the insurance company and were not able to see the ENT.

Abigail did see her regular doctor and has another ear infection. This is her 3rd ear infection since Feb. 3rd, so looks like she is on the fast track to tubes. So, I think we are going to wait to go back to the ENT for another month because then she might be able to do tubes and clip her frenulum all at the same time.

Huge Praise!

We found a house to rent from church members! It is next door to another church member who are really active and they help run the children's ministry. It has a huge back yard and back porch and deck. It is the perfect house for us. As of now, we are moving into this house April 2nd. God is so good to provide for our needs and more!

Pray that

1. My babies stop getting ear infections.

2. That our house sells (We are so thankful that our wonderful church is giving us 6 months rental allowance).

Thank you for your prayers during this time of transition. We are excited to see what all God has in store, and what all He is going to do through us at our new church.

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Merritt Pace said...

I LOVE all of them! We miss you guys so much and pray for you often! So glad that you update the blog so that we can keep in touch!