Friday, April 30, 2010

All You Magazine 83¢ an issue

Check out the article here form Southern Savers.

All You Magazine is found at Walmart and has tons of coupons in it. There is some debate on if the ones at Walmart have more coupons in it than when you get a magazine subscription, but that does not really matter to me.

I got the two year subscription by:

The Deal:

  1. Head over here , click “View All Selections”
  2. Search for All You.
  3. Order 2 years (24 issues) for $20
$20 for two years no cost on shipping or taxes and every order placed $8 goes to charity.

I also went to a coupon workshop at our church put on by Grits Couponing 101. I really got excited about Harris Teeter which we did not have in SC, and they tripling coupons this week until May 4th. Additionally, I learned that if you sign up with you rewards card online with Harris Teeter, you become e-vic member and get deals on certain products every week.

The key with Harris Teeter is they will triple any coupon .99 cents or less. So be sure not to think that a coupon that is worth $1.00 is going to be tripled.

Click here to see Harris Teeter deals this week.

What is your money saving tip this week?

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