Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I am Still Here!

Whew, moving is crazy! Friday Two Men and a Truck loaded us up and I probably would have had a breakdown if it was not for Charlie's parents coming and helping. They could not get everything into the truck, but I think we are going to work something out once our house sells and we get our playgound (keep praying it sells, we have had one person look at it two times and ask about the sewage and all).

Then, what we did not know is that Two Men and a Truck got tangled up in a pretty bad wreck leaving our house on Friday. So, they were not able to get to Kings Mountain till 2:30 pm on Saturday because they had to move everything into another truck and the guys that loaded our truck had whiplash and so we had completely different movers this time. Of course, they did not have our correct phone numbers to call and tell us all what had happened. Anyway, the movers did not leave till 8 pm Saturday night and Charlie had a sunrise service Sunday morning.

It all worked out, but we did have a hard time finding all the parts to our bed.

Stay tuned for pictures of our house this week that we are fortunate enough to rent. It has more space than our other house, and lost of closet space and a HUGE backyard (not to mention great church members next store that do so much for the children's ministry). We are all enjoying having more space.

Jackson is signed up for t-ball on the David Baptist Church team! He has only missed one practice and the first game is this Saturday morning. The age ranges in 3 and half up to 7 years old (there are three other boys his age) and his coach has been coaching this age group for a really long time. So exciting! Hopefully we will do soccer in the fall, and t-ball in the Spring (although golf is his true love, but he really enjoys anything that has to do with a ball). I grew up with a sister so all this boy stuff is new to me...especially him wanting to be superman or spider-man and save the world! Ha! I am learning as we go, that is for sure!

I will hopefully have pictures of our house up by Friday, thanks again for all your prayers!

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