Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Tee Ball!

Jackson loves anything that has to do with balls so we are thinking that we will do Tee-Ball in the Spring and soccer in the Fall. I was so excited to learn that the league around here you play for your church. So Jackson is playing for our new church David Baptist Church on "Team Jesus," they even learn memory verses.

He loves it and really tries to go get the ball when he is in the outfield. The below video is his first ever time up at bat, and he was really distracted by his helmet not fitting so we had get him one that fit his head. Fun times!

We are really enjoying it here (I will hopefully have more pictures of the fun times we have had recently this week), and recently joined the YMCA in Gastonia so we will be going there Tuesday and Thursdays mornings for Body Step classes and other classes, Jackson will have swim lessons there this summer. Enjoy the video!

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