Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday's Tip: Resources for Teaching 3 Year Olds

The above book is the April book they will be working on in speech back in Columbia. We got this book and it is a great one to do during "school" time. The below dvd Jackson has loved and now every word he says he wants to tell me what letter the word begins with. We watch this one in the car mainly.
The below book is another fun book they did at his speech back in Columbia last month and is a great summer book.

Additional, today in speech (we are thinking he will be in speech till around 5 years old since he was tongue tied for two years and we did not know it!) we read "The Big Hungry Bear." I always like to hear what books your babies have enjoyed! Lastly, in speech today they did a picture bingo game (that comes with a wand), and his teacher would ask him questions like, "which object do is round and you bounce it?" I always like finding new ways to challenge Jackson and of course Preschool worksheets that you find at CVS or Walmart are great challenging resource as well.

On a side note, here is an example of the conversation we have about every other day (trying to understand who exactly Jesus is...)

Jackson: Jesus go potty?
Me: Yes, Jesus went potty when he lived here on earth a long time ago.
Jackson: Jesus get a bath
Me: Yes, Jesus got baths when he lived here on earth a long time ago.
Jackson: Jesus washes his hands
Me: Yes, Jesus washed his hands when he lived here on earth a long time ago.
Jackson: Jesus cried?
Me: Yes Jesus cried when he was on earth a long time ago.
Jackson: Jesus needs a paci
Me: They did not have pacifiers a long time ago when Jesus was on earth.
Jackson: Jesus get a spanking?
Me: (trying not to laugh) NO, Jesus did not get a spanking, he was the only perfect man that every lived that is one reason we pray to Him.

It is so fun to see how his little mind is working, and he is such a funny little boy. I am so thankful for how far God has brought him. To Him be all the glory!

What about you? What are some great resources you have found in teaching 3 or 4 year olds?

Ps-Metamucil in his juice every day giving him the fiber he needs is working so well! I would highly recommend it if your little one eats terribly like my Jackson does. Abigail on the other hand has her 10 grams a fiber daily through all the food she eats daily. Her favorite food by far is grapes and I am so very thankful.

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amjackson said...

Price learned Every letter and letter sound from the Leap Frog Letter movie. He still loves it even though he knows them all now.