Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun Friday: Some Really Amazing Pictures

As you can see, not just any ordinary camera took these pictures. I got a professional camera! I have been drooling for one for years and if anyone knows me or reads this blog at all you know how crazy I am about pictures. I just got the basic professional camera from Canon (Rebel XS 1000). The Best Buy guy said since I was a little overwhelmed with the lens to just get the basic one (it was on sale of course), and then in a a couple of years you can get a better lens for my Canon (many different ones will fit...although they are pretty expensive). This is my 30th birthday present from Charlie and my Christmas present (my 30th birthday is this September)...God is so good to always provide us with what we need and more! I have such a huge passion for taking pictures.

I am still learning about all the different settings and so if you have any advice on how to take the best pictures possible for this camera or professional pictures in general please let me know (Charlie took the last picture).


Lauren said...

Hey Emily!! Check out She's got some great, short, simple tutorials on using DSLRs. I got one a while back (the Nikon D60) and LOVE it!! It's amazing what you can do! Also, look at local photography shops, they often offer great classes that aren't too expensive. Enjoy, and I look forward to seeing more of your pictures!!

alyssa said...

So excited that you got a new camera! I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine!( i have a cannon too and hope to get a new lens or two this year!) My advice is to get used to your camera, then once you do start using the manual settings and turn off your flash. also check out she isn't a photographer but takes great pictures and is great friends with a professional photo. and most importantly, have fun!!!

Emily Wallace said...

Lauren and Alyssa- Thank you so much for your comments. They are so helpful.

The camera is so great. It took a while for me to even figure out how to put the the lens on. I understand now that they are 10 settings and five of them tell me what settings they are and the other 5 settings I have to know what dial to put the lens on I think. Of course, I am sticking to the 5 automatic setting (auto, night time, no flash, portrait.etc). If you have any insight on how to use the other five setting let me know! Thanks again!

alyssa said...

For the manual settings you need to be familiar with shutter speed and f-stop. when you look at your settings before you take a pic, there is a number with "f" in front of it. the smaller the number, the more blurred the background will be...that is called bokeh. but the better the lens the lower the number. also learn about ISO. that is really easy to get a handle on and that really changed the way my pictures looked in the beginning. lets see...when you look into the view finder and see the little red dots, try to set your camera to where there is only one in the center. oh man, there is so much to learn in the world of photography and i so enjoy learning as much as i can. oh yeah, i also take my pictures in the raw. not really sure what that means but had a photographer tell me that thats how she shoots her pics. i really do hope that you enjoy your camera as much as i love mine! they are so fun and once you start learning how to control things your pictures really start coming along.
oh yeah, a good camera bag is a great thing too! i finally just ordered's the 5 million dollar home by crumpler.
hope all of this helps. can't wait to see what kind of pics you will be learning to take!