Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some Big News from the Wallace house

No, I am not pregnant!

The Lord has called Charlie to be the pastor of a church in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. It is bitter sweet because we love First Baptist, but it is also very exciting because we know this is where God has called us. It was amazing to see God work last Sunday morning in so many different ways. God gets all the glory!

The church runs about 180-200 people in their Sunday morning worship service. Also, Kings Mountain is only 50 minutes away from my parents house in Spartanburg. Kings Mountain is 10 minutes away from Gastonia, Shelby, etc.

Our last day at First Baptist will be February 21st.

Please continue to pray our family as well as our family at First Baptist. We have so many wonderful friends who we have been through a lot with, and we will miss everyone like crazy. I cannot believe we have already been at First Baptist two and half years. Time flies.

Also pray for our house to sell, we have never had to sell a house before because we have always been in apartment, or a parsonage. So pray we have wisdom.

Feel free to email me with any questions at or leave questions in the comment section here. We are very excited and cannot wait to see what all God is going to do!


Shannon Bradley said...

Very exciting! :) We are in Gastonia and my husband works in Kings Mountain :) Of course this is our hometown, but we love the area!! :) Let me know if you need anything :)

Emily Wallace said...

That is crazy! Can you email me at I have some questions!

Merritt Pace said...

I am so happy for you and Charlie! I know that Charlie will make a wonderful pastor. I wish both of you the VERY, VERY best! Steven and I will pray for a smooth move and transition for you. You have such a warm and loving heart; you will be loved wherever you go!

The children's area won't be the sam without you and Charlie!


Anonymous said...

Emily and Charlie,
Congrats on the new job!! We are so excited for this new season of your lives. We have no doubt that Charlie and you will do great!! We will be praying for you all in the transition from Columbia to Kings Mountain and for the sale of the house. We miss you all.

Our Love,
John, Gretchen, Hayden, and Hannah