Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday's Tip: Sesame Street Hip Hip Hooray for School!

Currently, Jackson loves learning!

I saw this workbook at CVS "Hip Hip Hooray for School" for 3 years old and up. It is perfect for Jackson right now and has 160 pages of worksheets. The first page works on the "m" sound and you say the name of each picture and circle the objects whose names begin the "m" sound.

We do about 2 or 3 worksheets a day (if it was up to him we would do a lot more). I know a lot of other moms who teach there kids at home have letter days. For example, Monday would be "m" day. They practice writing the letter "m" and finding objects around the house all day that start with the "m" sound. Have you tried this? Do you find this helpful?

We are also learning how to write letters (he does not get frustrated anymore when he cannot hold his crayon correctly).

Other suggestions from friends to do once your toddler turns 3 are:
I cannot believe that my baby boy is about to be three and half, and growing up so quickly!

What are some things you like to do with your three year olds at home that help them learn?

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Dana said...

Hi there,
Love that you are investing into your babies lives as you are. I homeschool my kids 8 & 6!
My only and best suggestion at this age is read,read,and read some more. Read good books and in about a year check out Five in a Row. curriculm. I did it for about a year I just wished I had known about it when the where much littler.
May God bless your family and keep up the hard work momma it pays off.