Thursday, January 07, 2010

Abigail's First Hair Cut!

Abigail's first hair cut was not that planned. I had tried to get a hair cut appointment with Maree before Christmas but my schedule was just so crazy we could not get it in. Anyway, she cut my hair nice and quickly early Tuesday morning and we had time for Abigail to get a trim. I honestly, do not know when we will get back out there! I do want Abigail's hair to be long eventually and I do not want her to have bangs since she has a short forehead.

Maree gives the best hair cuts ever! She gave Abigail the cutest little bop hair cut and I have gotten lots of comments on how cute her hair is (before the hair cut she was definitely sporting a mullet). When I was in Sumter, the only person my hair stylist recommended was Maree Lynn, and believe it or not she goes to our church and is VERY active in our church and in the youth group. Columbia is not that small of a town...ha! She is out on Lake Murry Blvd with her own salon now and call her at (803) 920-9645, for the best hair cut in town!

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